Monday, April 17, 2006

Jotunheimen Blog 9:Day 10:

And so to the last and final day-to make it all the way back to Stavanger & London via Fondsbu,the Beltebil,the bus,the train & the plane! a specially large niste pack to last us-packs on,we said goodbye to the lovely Gjendebu hut & fiddled with violet special & blue extra in an effort to get some grip....hhhhhmmm....a beautiful valley to be in looking back down onto the Gjende lake-but when the driving snow came it was hoods up & heads down again only just being able to see the track & the tips of the skis-they did totally disappear quite regularly!For the final push down Bygdin we gratefully followed a local who we'd cut tracks for previously and got back to Fondsbu for more T and specially made Chelsea buns and waffles-we took them both before piling into the Beltebil and eventually sitting on the hill waiting for the Valdresexpressen

Day 3=26k;Day 4=24k;Day 5=10k;Day 6=27k;Day 7=25k;Day 8=12k;Day 9=18k;Day 10=15k;Total=157k

Ultimate Kit List:
sheet sleeping back : eye shades & ears plugs : hut slippers : hut clothes change
wash kit : sun cream : knife / multi-tool : small 1st aid
gortex T&B : fleece T&B : thermals T&B : gloves, hat, mits, spare gloves
several pairs of socks etc(!)
ax, crampons, skis, boots, poles, skins, spade, small sit mat 1sqft, wax
bothy bag
googles & sunnies
maps, map case, compass
waterbottle : platypus : thermos flask
a few nice snacks to keep us sane!
reading book (cards and games in huts?)

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