Sunday, August 01, 2010

California trip-sunday

Final day in LA today. We decided to keep going west to Beverly hills. We drove top down (of course!) to beverly dr and stopped for an amazing breakfast. We got some of their home made granola with yogurt and fruits. Ordering coffee was a bit of a challenge! Way too many options, size,type of milk, smooth coffee or not,which type of foam etc... Took us a while to complete! We found ourselves a nice table outside and we really enjoyed our breakie there. We kept going west in absolutely amazing neighborhood with stunning houses. Our main stop today was going to be the Getty center up in the hills. We got there just after the opening time and wander about for one hour going to see the cactus garden and a great photo exhibit. We joined a group to see the main attractions of the Getty. Saw the Irises by Van Gogh and also some furnitures and more paintings. There is quite a collection there. We then wandered into the beautiful garden and spent a few minutes looking at all the pretty flowers. Time to head to our final stop of the day,Venice beach. We took another portion of highway 1 and finally made it to the hippie beach. We had a quick stroll and saw lots of people on bikes and robber-blades. We also saw the famous body builders pushing iron right on the beach. There was a festival over on the beach and we walked over and got ourselves a vegetable curry and some cauliflower fried which were wonderful. We ate these as a picnic surrounded by people dressed in sari and spiritual Venice beach!

Unfortunately it was time to head to the airport! Got the car filled up and return and that was it for our trip to LA! Amazing first vacation trip in the US...cant wait for the next one!