Saturday, April 15, 2006

Jotunheimen Blog 7:Day 8:

so why dont we have a crack at Høgvagltindane (2066m) was the conclusion of the after dinner card games-looks good,& as M&P had been there before we'd have insider expertise-it was skins on early for me on the alpine skis but the other 3 managed to hold off til about 1680m on the Tele skis-by this time we'd come to expect copious quantities of snow & accordingly weren't disappointed-in & out of cloud came mysterious views of Vestre but the summit remainded illusive,quickly getting onto the glacier & more cloud we switched to GPS nav with P calling left a bit,right a bit til lunch was called at the coll,the mini Lindt easter eggs & go-nuts were offered round washed down with more Earl Grey!leading the next leg was quite confusing as there was no contrast between anything,steady 18% grey all round-were we actually moving atall?there was a ridge somewhere that we should find to go up, total "in-visibility" a high point was called 100m from the top & a rapid decent made,however,the highlight was watching a mountain "vole" in its winter coat forage around its snowy burrow just below the glacial snout-fabulous-and home in time for the saturday night party and prize giving

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