Monday, April 10, 2006

Jotunheimen Blog 1:Day 3:

Weathers going to be fantastic tomorrow so make the most of it was our greeting on arrival to Fondsbu sunday night-this was music to our ears as i'd spent saturday on the train and sunday on the bus and rather exciting beltebil. As promised monday dawned clear and after porridge we were off,light packs saw us eating up ground quickly,perhaps too much so,and we eventually made the glacier.Our planned top came and went in and out of cloud but we felt it was on and after 1st lunch,we'd already had 2nd breakfast,we headed up the coll where the cloud promptly rolled in obliterating the promised views,but being so close we skied a little further before removing skis and walked up the final summit ridge-no views we shook hands and quickly turned back-urdanostinden 2157!Back at the coll we also decided to take in slingsbytinden 2026 as the weather had cleared slightly,good whe back over our larger peak-the rest was a quick downhill to dinner-about 26km roundtrip to a fab dinner!

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