Thursday, April 13, 2006

Jotunheimen Blog 5:Day 6:

Today was meant to be a rest day,as always the forecast dictating decisions,so staying low following tracks,no tops or anything exposed-well we successfuly achieved the last 2 & planned a simple tour (on the map at least!)sharp start after breakie saw us heading down on the Gjendebu trail-a fair amount of snow had fallen overnight & there was plenty in the air-goggles on!we chatted with a couple of guys at the Olavsbu junction (11.00) about the conditions & spotted a group ahead nicely cutting tracks for us-not for long tho as we turned off the marked route (12.00) heading up a secluded valley-fresh powder & lots of it-boot high-so going was slowed consideraly & after having to take a much needed lunch in our admittedly v cosy & snug bothie we realised the last 3k had taken 2hrs-but we knew where we were & what was to be done-4k along a flat lake & up to the 1700m coll at its end-a bit of a slog & 2hrs later we'd successfully navigated up it & took 2nd lunch (16.00) all of this was in 100m visibilty & lots of map & compass work-we were v pleased to find the twigs marking the trail back home from Olavsbu to Leirvasbu only 9k home-alot of head down & motivational thoughts-totally & utterly exhausted home to a cup of Earl Grey (19.30) so glad to see the dinner table & bed!

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