Friday, April 14, 2006

Jotunheimen Blog 6:Day 7:

More skis than the average alpine ski resort outside the hut this morning & a breakie qu to match but still no one out ahead of us-we teamed up with M&P for a fabulous top tour as the weather was relatively clear-Kyrke was standing resolutely at the end of the lake-would have to wait for another day as we skied past it on the Spiterstulen route-a short climb & then a beautiful sweep down saw us cutting more tracks up our chosen valley-the locals staying suitably back enjoying the fresh tracks but not volunteering any!!We picked a safe route up over the moraine & between the crevasses onto the main body of Bukkeholsbreen only to find the cloud rapidly closing in-so much for our views-we were tantalised by fleeting ridges & tops but much appreciated the GPS navigation aid from P. 100 steps of cutting out front then 300 rest repeated several times-our top came & went but when we got closer we could tell it wouldn't disappoint-very wind blown & gusty the view from the summit (Bukkeholstindan 2135m) was quickly admired before being forced down onto the coll for a bivvy 2nd lunch in a small snow scrape dug specially-the spades 1st outing on this tour!our 2nd summit had to be aborted 20m from the top as conditions worsened unacceptably-wind & vis-& we headed home,rapturous about being able to ski wonderful offpiste cream before 3rd lunch & the final schlep back to base!

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