Sunday, April 16, 2006

Jotunheimen Blog 8:Day 9:

looking at the forecast once more showed large snow falls for midday - we packed up all our stuff and slinged our rucksacks heading out for Gjendebu, James with contingency skis on his back, and followed the mass exodus, although everyone else was going the other which left us with a clear road - totally clear of tracks - ours to cut....Leirvasbu had certainly treated us well but it was time for a change - a leasurely start lead to 11s at about 11!!where there was a real treat in store - James had very thoughtfully brought along some cream eggs - mmmmhhhhh - v nice - made you think of home & easter - it turned out to be another heads down day and were glad of the significant downhill about 4k from Gjendebu where we met the first folk coming the other way - very kind of them to cut tracks for us - being at only about 1100m here the landscape changed to one covered in small bushes and some combat skiing amoungst the vegetation became quite the sport!the fire in the cabin was an immediate magnet so we supped Earl Grey and played backgammon trying feet and discussed the finer points of telebindings - any better than the old days of wooden poles and steel bindings!quite a change at dinner as there were a total of 5 of us!

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