Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Jotunheimen Blog 3:Day 5:

Much excitement & anticipation about the route the guide had helped us pick out for today-a fabulous if not slightly steep ridge just behind the cabin leading to a multitude of new peaks,only a short way down the main drag before bearing right (north) & cutting our own way through virgin powder-this is whats it's all about!Despite our very much lightened & streamlined packs going was hard & skins came out as the inclination steepened.Calamity though as within a matter of minutes of this James once again fell victim to a broken ski binding,this time the other one despite having had both checked over night.Tough decisions weighing up the options saw James head back to Leirvasbu to rectify the sorry ski situation (he managed to borrow a guides skis for a couple of hours & had a relaxing few hours practicing Tele turns-considerable words to the hire company were planned!)Dougal pushed on up the ridge reaching 1800m (11.30) before having to put skis on back & walk the remaining 300m, occasionally in waste deep powder but mostly only shin deep-heavy going.5 vertical m below the summit of Tverrbottindan 2106m (13.00) visibility & snow conditions were so bad the only decision was to turn back & head for home,trying to retrace the already partially covered uphill steps!Home by 14.30,so much quicker down than up-amazing!

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