Thursday, April 13, 2006

Jotunheimen Blog 4:Day 6:Food highlights:

mmmh-thinking of all the lovely food we've had so far-the other side of this little adventure-its not all about horrendous mountains & knarly weather!They do feed us well in the cabins-porridge with cinnamon & sugar topping & occasional appel mouse aswell!Smoked salmon & scrambled eggs & many cheese slices washed down with much T&OJ.Breaky is also all about making your 'niste' or lunch pack-open sarnies are definitely a revelation-requiring the special packing technique!Don't forget the thermos-more Earl Grey!I also carry a selection of nibbles-'go nuts' & chocie bars & some energy drinks in case of emergency!But dinners are something else-quite amazing-3 courses washed down if you fancy with your choice of whatever!We've had everything from monkfish,steak,chicken,silverside,lots of excellent soups & very extravagant deserts-brandy snaps,cherry cream marangue upsidedown cake & chocolate brownies!Certainly not going hungry-mmmh

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