Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Jotunheimen Blog 2:Day 4:

We knew today would not be one for tops with thick & low cloud forecast so we saddled up all our kit & set course for the next cabin-we weren't sure how far we'd get but hoped for Leirvasbu.After a quick application of blue extra & violet special we pulled out at 9.40,but were already stopping for skins by 10 as we disappeared into 'no vis country'.Heads down & a couple of food stops saw us at olavsbu by 2 (12.5k) where the carefully prepared cheese (&ham) sarnies were rapidly consumed!We thought the rest of the afternoon would go without remark as we enjoyed some nice downhill sweeps-James practicing his Tele turns & Dougal the odd badly executed tight parallel,however at the base of the final uphill pull James' ski binding gave up the ghost & he was forced to walk the remaining 2k to Leirvasbu-no fun at all.We got to the cabin at 5.30 (11.5k) & booked a late dinner.Repairs were duely sought & the rental company duely cursed!

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