Saturday, July 31, 2010

California trip-saturday

Today is going to be a little bit more laid back as we don't have todo so much driving. We started the day at waffles for, as you can imagine, waffles! We walked down sunset boulevard to get there. We really had a good start of the day with lots of lovely fruit and waffles with more maple syrup and great fresh juice and good coffee. We then walked back to the hotel via hollywood boulevard so we can spot more stars on the sidewalk. We then stopped at the kodak theater where they have emmy's and other big shows and the chinese theater where we saw some hand and foot prints of famous actors. There was even mr Spock hand print. We took off to universal studios which were only 15 min down the road from us. We entered the park and headed to get our special "front of the line" credentials. We thought it was quite ironic being in line to get our front of the line passes! We headed straight to the tour of universal studios. The waiting time was 60 min but who cares when you have front of the line passes! We boarded our train and headed to the main studio area. We saw some of the,paris, new york etc.. We headed for the special King kong attraction. It's a 3D attraction where the train gets attacked by nasty dinosaur but we get rescued by KingKong! It was truly amazing visuals. We then headed to the desperate housewives set as well as the End of the world set. There was some other attractions along the way like the Jaws set, the mummy returns where they gave us the illusion that the train was actually turning...totally bluffing!

We then went to the new Simpson attraction where we got on a virtual roller coaster! It was time to get to the lower level and the jurassic park ride where we got completely soaked!!! But the weather was so nice,it didn't matter. We went to see some exhibit to calm ourselves after these roller-coaster rides. We had to do a final one though..the mummy one....d had his eyes closed the whole was very scary!

We went on to see more shows with 3D effect like Shrek and terminator and also how these effects are created! It was 5 o clock by then so time to go back to the hotel to get ready for tonights show..morcheeba! I cant believe we were in la the day morcheeba was playing at the hollywood bowl! We bought some snacks and a great lemonade and a $10 glass of wine that d make last until the end of the show! Morcheeba was even better than i was expected and had a fabulous time. The main artist Sergio mendes was not bad either and we listened to a lot of brazilian music with great musicians, singers and the belly-samba dancers with feathers and naked butts!!

When the show was over, we walked..yes you heard it right we actually walked in la back to our hotel...absolutely brilliant location!

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