Friday, July 30, 2010

California trip-friday

Went to the pool for a quick swim before breakfast. There was no one there so we had the pool to ourselves. D went to get us some coffees and it was probably the best coffee we had so far. It was so pleasant that we decided to stay there and have breakfast. It was so delicious...granola parfait for me and french toast for d with a mango smoothie...brilliant. We then set of to joshua tree. We were told that it would be 10 degrees cooler..only 105...lucky us ;-)

After a 45min drive we got there and stopped at the visitor center to pack up on maps and a few postcards and a nice bell with a coyote for the porch of the new house. Off we went with the top down.

We first stop at the barker dam where we went for a nice walk. We saw some nice birds and dougal even caught a squirrel flying! We were getting quite hot and were happy to be back in the car.the next stop was the keys view where we spotted the sanandreas fault and could see the palm spring valley. We went back slightly back on our steps and took the direction of the east to see a special arch. We followed the recommendations but the campground was closed and we were not sure where to go...that never stopped us and we decided to go on a dougal epic (initiated by me i have to admit!!). After a bit of searching we finally found the trail. We finally found the arch thanks to a great spot from dougal. It was totally worth it!

We were dying of thirst by now and we were quite eager to get the the oasis of mara where we could get a drink and see some nice wildlife. We got our drinks but didn't see any birds. I spotted a rabbit tho! We decided that it was time to go home and we stopped at mc donald for a smoothie. I think none of us stopped there in the last 10years.

We drove for a couple of hours and made it back to LA. We decided to drive down hollywood boulevard and we spotted a couple of stars...on the sidewalk, not real ones. We decided to go to Mulholland drive to spot the big hollywood sign. We got there just fine after a bit of a struggle with traffic. We went back down through the neighborhood on the hills and saw some amazing houses. Time to head to the observatory that dougal really wanted to see. We got lost thanks to the roads being blocked but dougal was the best copilot and we finally found it. There was a million people there..incredible. We saw some nice exhibit and we discover that the planet were revolving around the earth in a plane!!

We went back down griffith park and head to our hotel. Due to a show the road was blocked and since we didn't want to get lost we decided to make an illegal u turn right in front of a police car...almost got myself a ticket but i played the very apologetic french part very well and got away with it!! Didn't even have to cry!

By then everything was closed so dougal went for a night food hunting..he finally found a subway and got us 2 sandwiches..i don't know how you'll survive in the us without subway"!

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