Saturday, November 08, 2008

Egypt - day 8 : Heading home

A final relaxing day - we managed several lengths of an icey swimming pool and a few pages of book and journal before catching the boat for the river crossing one last time., and headed to the airport - no business class this time. A short hop up to Cairo where we transfered to the Novotel right next to the airport for the 2am flight back to Amsterdam - or thats what we hoped. Dougal decided to have a clip at the local barbar who did an excellent job, but was disappointed not to be able to ply my head with copious quantities of hair wax!!

The alarm went and once over at the airport we realised we werent going anywhere for a long time as the flight had been cancelled - the gold cards came in extremely handy and we eventually got taken off the to the most luxurious hotel for miles around - 5* luxuary, but we hardly noticed it as it was 3am...but breakfast was quite an event -we had no idea what the room rate would have been but the JW Mariott had a cosy little french patisserie that we enjoyed care of KLM before heading backl to the airport at noon for a replacement flight back home - what a wonderful trip, we had lots of fun and very fond memories ;-))

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