Saturday, November 01, 2008

Egypt - day 1 : Cairo

Our plane was delayed by 12hours due to some KLM technical problem, so we had a curtosy evening at some out of town hotel in amsterdam before things really got underway...hence there was a bit of confusion about how was to pick us when at the arrivals hall once we got to Cairo in the afternoon, a few phone calls and our local french speaking guide from VoyagerTours swooped us up in a minivan for the Talisman hotel.

The reminder of the afternoon, after exploring our beautiful and tiny hotel, was spent walking around downtown Cairo. We headed here and there and no where inparticular but found ourselves walking around the car accessory "souk" and eventually down near the Nile itself - our first glimse - and then headed into the Hilton Ramses II for some mezze (tabouleh, babaganoush, tehina & hummus with pita bread, yum yum ;-)) washed down with some fresh guava juice.

This set us for a walk across to the great Cairo museum along the corniche, experiencing the rich touting of river boat tour offerings, and the true level of traffic intensity even at 8pm. The museum was huge and we really looked forward to our visit the follow day, however, we were "ambushed" by an interloper trying to sell his wares by pretending to be Dr working in the museum, but he did help us to cross the street without being moan down by all the cars! We clearly hadnt learnt though as 5 mins later it happened again with what was to become a familiar opening line...

Needing some sweet dessert, we braved the thronging crowds in what was obviously a highly respected local bakery, picking up a selection of treats using international sign language - point and hold up how many fingers!!

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