Saturday, May 05, 2007

quite a season opener...

to start the season off with a quick 50km perhaps was a touch ambitious, but with good weather predicted off we set from Lundsvågen naturskole at 6pm – boats fully loaded (some more than others, i havent quite got the art of kajak packing sorted yet!) for a weekends paddling, 18k later and in need of dinner we pulled into a very suitable spot on the southern end of Fogn, cooked and went to bed!! The morning was bright and sunny and with the prospect of paddling half way round the islands of Ryfylke we breakfasted heartily on eggs and bacon and espresso from the tranja!!
saturdays morning paddling was great, quite still and flat with not so much wind, although paddling without the technology of wing paddles and carbonfibre boats as well as with enough food for a small family and technique like someone from the stone age going wasn’t quite in keeping with the “4paddle” rating the trip was given ;~) heading to the bridge at Ølesund (Randøy) we stopped for a nicely relaxed lunch – but the after lunch paddling was definitely “low 1 iron into the wind” stuff and certainly a lot more of an effort, after a much needed stop on the western end of Ombo we headed across to the Sjernarøyane which couldn’t have come sooner, although not the most inviting camping spot i’ve experienced – was still picking the ticks out 4 days later, last count was 11 – we watched the sun set with a cosy fire and our omni-present friend mr Mack!
sunday dawned as predicted with light rain but also with a wind that seriously challenged us, to the point where a “lift” was required – getting back on land in the face of large waves and a rocky coastline was rather exciting as was dashing the boats onto car ferry where they charged us for 2 cars!! So there’s still the return journey round the islands to do (although i’d didn’t realise that til after a long soak!!) – perhaps at a more leasurely pace…!

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