Monday, May 28, 2007

Crossing Jostedalsbreen

Trying to load a google map of Mid Norway (Jostedalsbreen, just north of the Sognefjord)...wont work if just viewing the feed, pls see the blogger site

you can interact with the map - zoom in and pan, click on the pins, which show are campspots and the line shows the route taken (thats if I could figure how to make it work!!)

meeting the rest of the DnT group on friday night at by the bus stop in sogndal we jumped into a maxi taxi which took all 17 of us ot the start of our adventure - camping at the end of the road in Faberstølen, just beyond the Breheimsenter activities centre, on the northern edge of Jostedalsbreen (apparently mainland europes largest icesheet) - our mission - to traverse from north to south....70km later it was confirmed i had the wrong skis and far too much kit, now i really know why there are fjellski and randone skis!! but somehow i made it - with much help from cognac the siberian husky but not much from the weather, i did discover some fab trip food - no washing up!

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marielinap said...

Fint med snø!