Sunday, February 04, 2007

Hemsedal epic - sesong er i full gang ;~)

when we eventually got there it was mega, but what an epic - left at 8am and missed the ferry by less than a knats whisker, no more free coffees at the shell filling stations we chose hydro instead! great progress all the way up onto the hardangervidda where we sat and played cards for 90mins waiting for our group of cars to be taken across the plateau only to be told they were closing the road for the day, something to do with a little drifting snow - i dont know - so we embarked on a detour, that took us half way across the country, eventually going through fargenes and pealing ourselves out of the car at 11pm - of course the shell filling station in hemsedal - we'd made it - only a 15hr drive, we were totally ready for skiing, but not until after a beer (we had been through the worlds longest tunnel at 26km - quite a highlight!)

the skiing was stunning and we just couldnt get enough and to finish things off skins we strapped on and we found a nice gullie to take us back to some after ski, two days solid skiing well worth the 1500km drive but i'm not sure of the kr 25k car repair bill that followed when we ground to a halt at 9pm still 4hrs from home - yea the low loader had to come and pick us up, we got a hire car and a pizza before crawling back home alot later than planned - i'd go back to hemsedal tomorrow tho


laughing magpie said...

That was breathtaking. We really enjoyed skiing along with you.

laughing snail said...

Love the blue snow!!

McHardy said...

Who was that really cool bloke you couldn't keep up with? :-)