Saturday, February 10, 2007

crisp, cold, long, but very rewarding

we knew wanted a cross country experience - we'd spent an hour and half the night ebfore preparing the skis on the new waxing profile - we also knew it was cold - about minus 19 overnight so one of chose the route to the Grautheller tourist cabin in the heart of the Sirdal fjells! it was a stunning pre lunch tour which left us wanting more - that was after having warmed the cabin up from a baltic minus 9 inside when we arrived to a pleasant minus 2, we had even relaxed with t and sarnies - mhhhh- so the debate focused on what to do next - more, more, more....maybe - well, perhaps, yea go on, why not, oh ok, yes....some 6 hours later and 38km under our belt having skied the last 2hours pretty much in the dusk and dark with only 2 head torches between us perhaps we had bitten off more than a large chunk - but the views were stunning the ski was so clear and the temperature was mighty mighty low - as Andy's poor hands are still testament to - so sorry about that!

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