Monday, September 06, 2010

Olympic trip-monday

An early start, quite some distance to cover in the car to get back to Seattle and the airport. The sun had also decided to take a labour day holiday, the cloud clung to the sides of the hills and rolled in off the sea, we cruised through a few small towns and navigated ourselves to the ferry port north of Seattle, making a direct line now for the first ever Starbucks, which we noticed in fact has a very slightly different symbol to the well known green circle! We actually got our coffee in le Panier which caught our eye as it had exceedingly good pain au chocolate! Delicious, and how S managed to find us a seat I've no idea!

We strolled around the lovely Pike Place market which had many gorgeous items, although none of which managed to make it into our hands! It was all very pleasant and we it felt quite similar to norway with all the boats in the harbour, bays, greeness and mountains close by!

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laughing magpie said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful trip. Can hardly wait for the photos!