Friday, December 01, 2006

Advent Calendar....

every day til christmas a new picture is revealed....
but my holidays begin on the 16th - hence only 15 doors ;~)

1st - candles
2nd - oranges
3rd - chocolates
4th - glass star
5th - father christmas
6th - peperkake
7th - red concentric rings
8th - tinsle
9th - glass snowman
10th - friendly ghost
11th - angel
12th - yummie chocies and bikkies
13th - radiant red flower
14th - pair of candles
15th - white glass star


laughing snail said...

thats brilliant!!!

laughing magpie said...

Oooo! Lovely! Roll on the hols!

laughing magpie said...

Can't believe that tomorrow will be the last window to open. Looking forward to seeing it and you very soon.