Wednesday, September 28, 2005

My New Blog

Inspired by others of the laughing tribe heres my very own blogspot.....let's see how it goes


laughing magpie said...

Beautiful photo!
Does it have a title?

laughing snail said...

Great photo - welcome to the blogosphere! Is this Jotenheim?

laughing geo said...

the story behind the pic is - day 2 of our easter ski touring in Jotenheimen area in mid norway - thick fog and quite chilly as we set off from the small cabin we were staying in DNT - Olavsbu) located right in the heart of the massif. So we decided to take a tour up out of the fog and up onto a nearby 2000m summit ?Skarsdalstinden ? and this was the view!!!

laughingtexan said...

Not bad Dougal .... looks as if your having too much fun in the snow again ..... wish I was there .... Adrian

Ps followed your example and now laughing in Texas :-)